Jeffrey Smith

Jeffrey Smith Senior Pastor

Jeffrey Smith's journey in the world of ministry and creativity began at a tender age, growing up singing and preaching alongside his evangelist parents in churches across North America. From the age of 2, he was immersed in their ministry, and as he matured, he began to develop his own talents.

At just 17, Jeffrey signed his first record contract, kickstarting his career as an accomplished recording artist and producer with three national releases and over 750 completed songs in his catalog. Notably, his compositions have been recorded and performed by renowned artists, including the Grammy-award-winning group Take 6, The Pointer Sisters, All-4-One, and Marilyn McCoo, Dan Tyminski, and Rhonda Vincent, with three songs even making it to the Billboard Top 40.

Jeffrey's creative pursuits continued beyond music. In 1998, he merged his extensive music background with his love for production to create Blink. Initially a stage production, Blink evolved into a unique hybrid of live show and movie, using every creative tool at Jeffrey's disposal to tell true stories about life's brevity and the eternal impact of our choices. Jeffrey scored Blink from top to bottom with original music, imbuing the show with an epic cinematic feel. Over the past twenty-five years, Blink has become a live multimedia experience that seamlessly fuses dance, drama, live scoring, stage production, and film, communicating powerful truths about eternity. It has touched the lives of nearly 200,000 people, with 60,000 individuals making decisions to follow Christ after experiencing this powerful production.

Even with his numerous pursuits in the creative realm, Jeffrey's heart remains devoted to the local church. In 2009, he was installed as senior pastor of City of Life Church. He spearheaded the production of the church's first live worship album, featuring eleven original worship songs, many of which he personally wrote. His passion for creating a new sound in worship that deeply connects with people worldwide reflects his commitment to cultivating a new movement of creative artists who spread God's love through innovative media and the arts.

In 2015, Jeffrey furthered his academic pursuits and earned his Doctorate of Philosophy in Theology. Three years later, he released his first book, "Jesus First, Jesus Always," sharing his insights on how to follow Jesus not in concept but in a way that permeates every area of one's life.

In 2023, Jeffrey reached another creative milestone by writing, producing, and directing the highly anticipated major motion picture Southern Gospel. The film shares the story of City of Life’s founding pastors and his parents, Doctors Gary and Janis Smith, and their road to founding City of Life against every odd.  The film's nationwide theatrical release captivated audiences, showcasing Jeffrey's multifaceted talents as a creative storyteller.

Jeffrey and his wife, Amy, share a heart to serve the body of Christ, bringing a message of hope to the lost and raising up a generation sent out with a love mission. Their dedication to merging faith, art, and ministry is building a creative movement aimed at transforming culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

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