On June 14 we will be baptizing new believers in water online via Zoom!  We’re not meeting physically due to precautions with COVID-19 and taking safety measures to protect our attendees and volunteers; however we still want to be able to baptize new believers in this season. You may ask, “How will that work?” and we’re about to tell you, but first we want to give you some background on why this is theologically acceptable. Across the ages, since the birth of the church, there has been quite a bit of flexibility in the practice of baptism in the church (sprinkled as babies vs. full immersion as adults) while maintaining common traditions of baptism. However, these are the two most important parts of a baptism, whether online or not:

  • Be baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (derived from Matthew 28:19-20)
  • Use physical water (Acts 8:36)

As a part of our 6 pm Family Room service on June 14, those who would like to be baptized will be able to be baptized in our Zoom call.  

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • a phone, tablet/ipad, or laptop that can connect to the zoom call 
  • a towel
  • a few friends/family members to celebrate with you

You can do your baptism in two ways - standing up in your shower/bathtub or in a pool/lake. 

If you plan to do your baptism in a shower or bathtub, you’ll also need a bucket or large cup filled with water.  If you’ll be alone for your baptism, you’ll also need a place to set up your phone so that we can see you in the Zoom call while you baptize yourself.  

If you plan to do your baptism in a pool or lake, you’ll need to have 2 friends/family members present - one to baptize you and one to hold your phone during the baptism so that the pastors can view you on the Zoom call.  

When it’s time for the baptisms in The Family Room, we’ll ask you to get into the shower/bathtub or pool/lake.  One by one we will have our pastors baptize you over Zoom, while you or your friends/family members pour the water over your head or immerse you fully in the water.  Our entire church will celebrate with you as you are baptized!   

Please register below for baptisms so that we know to expect you.  All those who are baptized will be sent a digital certificate of baptism following Sunday's service.  


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