When Peter denied Jesus three times, it was his worst moment. He was so heartbroken over failing God. He later found Jesus’ tomb empty and was at his lowest. He told his friends, “I'm going fishing.” 


Why did Peter go fishing? I think it's pretty simple. When you truly have given up on yourself and you've given up on God, you go back to what you know. A man cut off from his future will always go back to his past. 


Earlier in John 6, Jesus had asked Peter if he was going to leave and go back home. Peter words were revealing when he answered, “Where would I go? You’re God! You have the words of eternal life. You called me when I was a fisherman, and I left everything. This is the only life I know anymore. I only have you.” 


But now, Jesus was gone. Peter had denied Jesus three times. He was shameful because what he had done was so terrible. Peter didn't know where else to go or what else to do. So he went back to what he knew. He went out in the boat with his friends to fish all night, and the Bible says they caught nothing. Then, early in the morning, they saw Jesus standing on the shore, but they didn't realize it was him.


In John 21, we read Jesus calling out to them, “Hey, don't you have any fish? Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you'll find some.” And when they did, they were unable to haul in the net because of the large number of fish. What was so beautiful about this moment was that when Peter went back to his past, Jesus met him there.


Jesus came and found Peter in his worst moment and rescued him. I love that so much about the Lord! He's not giving up on you. He's not walking out on you even in your worst moment.

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