Hello church, 

I wanted to bring you an update on where we are right now regarding COVID-19 and what our plans are for reopening.  It's unbelievable to think that we haven't gathered together since mid-March when we made the decision to move towards Church at Home.  We miss you so much, and there is nothing we want more than to have our locations filled with our church family, lifting up Jesus’ name together.  But it’s also our responsibility to care for you and shepherd you.  We have faith and we know that God protects us, but we also know that God has given us wisdom to make sound decisions.  That’s what we’ve sought to do over the last four months.    

That being said, we have made the decision to continue having Church at Home throughout the month of July.  We want to invite you to continue to join us online at cityoflife.live, on our Youtube channel, and on Facebook Live each Sunday and to lean in to the Word as we worship together. 

As of now, our plan is to reopen for physical gatherings the first Sunday in August at a limited capacity at our Kissimmee location.  When we reopen on August 2, things will look a bit different as we work our way towards normalcy: you’ll be asked to reserve a seat in our auditorium for one of two Sunday services, we will be asking everyone to wear face coverings, we will use physical distancing measures, our sanitization procedures will be enhanced, and our City Kids will be joining us in the auditorium for a few weeks, among other things.  And, for those of you who aren’t ready to join us in person, Church at Home will still be available indefinitely so that you can still experience the same church community and ministry that you have over the past months.  

And of course, all of our plans are dependent on what happens over the next few weeks in our state as we observe the data, because, again, we know how quickly things can change.  We encourage you to follow us on social media and to subscribe to our email newsletter so that you can stay in touch with what's happening.  For a list of Frequently Asked Questions about our reopening, as well as the reservations link when it becomes available, please check out our col.tv/reopening.  

I know some of you might be excited at the news of reopening, some might feel anxious, and some might have lots of questions, but we want you to know that we are being prayerful and mindful of you as we move forward.  Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support. We’re going to come through this together. We can’t wait to see you again soon!

Coram deo, 

Pastor Jeffrey Smith

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