No matter what your background, skills, gifts, or talents, there's a place for you on the Dream Team!  Check out some of the different areas in which you can be involved!

Areas marked with a + require audition.  Areas marked with an * require approval based on your application and experience.  

Worship Team+ - This team blazes a pathway for our guests to encounter God through music. This team uses their gifts, whether vocally or instrumentally, to minister in each of our weekly services across our campuses.

Production Team - Passionate about integrating technology into our worship experiences, this team films all of our services and special events, creates lighting and sound elements, and supports the services through video and text programs.

Prayer Team* - This team assists the pastors in the sanctuary in several different areas, including the preparation and serving of communion, assisting with baptisms, and by praying for our COL family.  

Set Design/Construction Team - If you are gifted at building, painting, conceptualizing, and creating great sets for our productions and sermon series, then this is the team for you!



PRISM Single Mom’s Ministry - This team ministers to single moms at COL and in the community through various events designed to meet the needs of these special women! 

Meal Care Team - The Meal Care Team serves our COL members by preparing and delivering meals to those who have experienced crisis, loss of a family member, or hospitalization/critical illness.



City Kids Nursery & Preschool Team - The Nursery & Preschool Team serves our smallest guests by providing a caring, warm, safe environment in which infants and preschoolers can learn about the love of Jesus.

City Kids Elementary Team - The City Kids Team creates a great church experience from start to finish for our elementary-aged students so that church days are their favorite days of the week.

Youth Team  - This group of volunteers serves middle school and high school students through our youth services each Wednesday night.



First Impressions Team - The First Impressions Team is responsible for making the first impression of our guests and church family a great one! From the moment guests drive onto our campus, to the moment they walk up to the front door, we want them to feel welcome at COL, and like they’ve found where they belong.  

Parking Team - The Parking Team is a fun, rewarding ministry for people who enjoy the outdoors, are friendly, and enjoy directing people as they drive onto our campus.

Resource Team - The Resource Team is responsible for providing service to guests in the area where ministry resources are available for purchase (sermon CDs, sermon series, music CDs, books, DVDs, and more).

Host Team - The Host Team is responsible for assisting guests and providing a welcoming and orderly environment during the services.

Guardian Team* - The Guardian Team's watchful eyes keep our church family and all areas of our facility safe and secure.

Special Events Team - The Special Events Team helps make events like Trunk or Treat, PRISM events, conferences, and more possible.   

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