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Sep 13 2020 Outlasting the Season Pastor Cassie Morain

Sep 06 2020 Unleash the Peace Pastor Justin McNeil

Aug 30 2020 Fear Not Pastor Amy Smith

Aug 23 2020 The Waiting Room Pastor Amanda McNeil

Aug 16 2020 Orchard: Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self ControlPastor Jeffrey Smith

Aug 09 2020 Take the Deal! Game Show ExtravaganzaPastor Amy Smith

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Aug 02 2020 Family Feud! Game Show ExtravaganzaPastor Jeffrey Smith

Jul 26 2020 Press Your Luck! Game Show ExtravaganzaPastor Justin McNeil

Jul 19 2020 Jeopardy! Game Show ExtravaganzaPastor Jeffrey Smith

Jul 12 2020 Orchard: Goodness Pastor Jeffrey Smith

Jul 05 2020 Orchard: Kindness Pastor Jeffrey Smith

Jun 28 2020 Pressured but Not Stressed Pastor Brian Houston

Jun 21 2020 Orchard: Patience Pastor Amanda McNeil

Jun 07 2020 Orchard: Peace Pastor Jeffrey Smith

May 31 2020 Heal Our LandPastor Jeffrey Smith

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