Our Heart for the House is more than an offering, it is a God-breathed, God-ordained moment of faith in our service once a year.  During Our Heart for the House Offering, we believe to see miracles and breakthrough in the lives of each individual who steps out to further the kingdom cause of making the hope of Jesus known in a greater way. 



If you would like to give a Heart for the House offering, there will be a special moment in our services at Nona, Kissimmee, and online on November 14 & 15.  The Our Heart for the House offering is special offering, over and above our regular tithes, will happen at the end of each service. 

  • GIVE IN PERSON - If you will be joining us in person, we will give you a special red and white envelope where you can place your credit card, cash, or check to offer. You can also text your gift  (text HEART, space, and a dollar amount - ex. HEART 500) to 855-997-6900
  • GIVE ONLINE - If you will be joining online, you can use the link below (col.tv/give) and select "Heart for the House" from the drop-down menu, or text your gift (text HEART, space, and a dollar amount - ex. HEART 500) to 855-997-6900 

If you are watching online, please fill out a Rebuild Restore Revive digital card here along with your offering so we can pray and agree with you through the coming year!


Below is a book that outlines the miracles that God has worked through this church in 2020, despite the unexpected difficulties and hardships this year has brought.   Even when we had no idea what the coming days held, Jesus was in our future, helping us in ways we could never anticipate.   He is still bringing salvation, changing lives, and working miracles, and using the church as His means to do so! We give God glory for all He has done! 


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