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Your History, His Victory

by Pastor Jeffrey Smith
While on a family trip to Destin, a lady passed by us in our hotel, and I noticed her keychain. “ Hey, cool keychain!”, to which she replied, “ Go, Florida State!”  Of course, our mutual interest connected us instantly. After a few minutes of interaction, we learned that she grew up in Kissimmee and her sister attended City of Life church. We excitedly shared that we are the pastors of City of Life. Unbeknownst to this woman, a simple discourse in which she shared her brief history created a divine moment, and our family had an opportunity to pray with her.
Sometimes God will use your history to change someone else’s destiny.   In Luke 8:26-39,  we find the story where Jesus heals a man with a very messed-up history.
Jesus met a self-destructive, demon-possessed man who roamed around naked and often lived among the dead in the cemetery. The demons inside the man sensed the power of Jesus as he passed by and fell at his feet. Jesus commanded the impure spirits to come out of him. He used his authority over evil to completely deliver him and restore his life.  The result was a man completely set free and in his right mind. People were shocked at this miracle. What is interesting about this story is the conclusion.“Go back to where you are from and tell people what God has done for you.”  This is in complete contrast to how Jesus typically directed people after he healed them.” Usually, he would encourage people not speak a word to anyone, which was more of a logistical command than a spiritual one. After this particular healing, Jesus encourages the freedman to share his story with everyone.
Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.  John 8:36 ( NKJV)
God has not erased your past. God has redeemed your past. We, like this bound up man, have been set free from the influence of evil. None of us are perfect. .By the power of Christ, we have been set free.  The most powerful thing in the world if when we meet people who recognize their own brokenness and knows exactly where they came from, what God did for them and knows exactly where they are going. They are honest about their shortcomings, but they fully recognize the power of God’s amazing grace and love. We all have a history that God can use. Don’t cover up your history. Share what God has done in your life. Your history reveals Christ’s victory.

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